Augmented reality 3D technological innovation

We have been making use of eye filters and innovative technician to generate following era graphic activities for yourself. We are focused on getting realtime 3 dimensional to everyday 2D inside our Immersiiv range. And we would like to deliver far more clarity and color to your everyday 3D expertise by way of our Optiix series.

Instead of a individual item or technology, we are searching for guidelines and associates to bring the globe to reality. We’re also looking at how our technology could make lives better in healthcare, education, corporate training and other segments and industries, even though we’re working in the consumer market.

Technological innovation has a huge role in your lifestyles regarding entertainment, work, communication and learning and knowledge. Enciircle’s job is about producing technician that’s far more accurate alive by taking a much better sight, a more connected practical experience, as well as a increased feeling of taking part in daily life, as an alternative to merely watching it.

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