Uzbekistan tours

The Uzbek population is mainly comprised of Uzbeks, who are an ethnic Turkic group, however, there are significant minorities of Russians, Tajiks, Kazakhs, Karakalpaks and Tartars. About 90% of the population are Muslim. But there are Orthodox Christians and Buddhists, Jews, and Jews living within the country. As with Central Asians, Uzbeks are renownedly welcoming. It is customary to greet visitors by handshakes and are considered to be polite to ask questions about the person’s family and health – without necessarily waiting for the answers.

Uzbekistan tours allow you to experience the local cuisine and give tips to others. A typical meal could include dishes such as palov rice, which is made by mixing rice with carrots, onions, and meat, or mutton cooked in an oven called a tandir. Uzbeks can also relish manti dumplings as well as various Kebabs. Take advantage of your Uzbek cuisine with some traditional green or black tea or drinking yogurt, known as ayran. Uzbekistan is a majority Muslim nation, is a secular one that allows you to sample local wines.

Uzbekistan belongs to the group of Central Asian countries between Asia and the Middle East. Its neighbours are Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Turkmenistan. Uzbekistan has a coastline along the Aral Sea as well as the vast, but shallow, lake Sarygamysh. A majority of the country is covered with the Kyzyl Kum, also known as the ‘red sand’ desert. There is a small area of fertile land in the Fergana Valley. Uzbekistan’s mountains include the Tian Shan Range in the south of the country.

The bazaars in Uzbekistan are an ideal destination for shoppers. It’s not just an enjoyable way to live but also a wonderful time. The Tashkent markets, and especially the Chorsu Bazaar, are great to discover bargains. Shop for soviet memorabilia such as stamps and portraits of Lenin as well as military uniforms and the hats. Additionally, you can purchase local souvenirs, such as intricately decorated pottery, colorful clothing carpets, rugs and jewellery made from traditional silver. The Bukhara bazaar is among one of the most beautiful, with its fresh produce stalls and smiling locals.

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